Your Destination Wedding In Abruzzo: What Will Everybody Think About It?

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Your Destination Wedding In Abruzzo: What Will Everybody Think About It?

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 18 Set 2017

A long-cherished dream


This is a thought that has been crossing your mind since the very day he popped the question… no, let’s be honest, this is a thought that has been crossing your mind for ages, even before you two met and fell in love: how wonderful would it be to have a destination wedding!


But not the typical destination wedding, one of those in a resort on a generic tropical island, with one of those all-in-one packages where everything is predefined and always made in the same way, and you can barely choose the color of your wedding bouquet.


No, you are thinking about a precise place, a place you’ve always heard about by your granny and your aunts, whose name is a bit difficult to pronounce: a village in an Italian region, in Abruzzo, where the origin of your family lies.


You have often looked at the family photos taken in the village: the little church in the square, the fountain, the front of your relatives’ house… everything looks so familiar, even if thousands of kilometres far away.

And in the end, nothing seems to be more romantic and moving than to get married exactly there!

You can already picture the scene in your mind, everything is vivid and clear: it is a splendid day, the sun is shining, you, dressed in white, and your very elegant husband (heart-shaped eyes at this image), standing right outside that very little church, while all your families and closest friends cheer and toss rice at you as a sign of fortune and joy… and later a dinner in a beautiful garden, strings of lightbulbs, long tables, good wine and food, jokes and relaxed laughters… that would be pure bliss!


And now that bliss seems so near, so possible: you’re going to get married at last! And what’s even better is that your future hubby perfectly agrees with your dream, he loves the idea of celebrating your union in that little part of Italy he’s heard so much about, it looks a bit of an adventure to him, and it’s great to start the adventure of life together with such an out-of-ordinary wedding in Abruzzo!

Yes, everything’s perfect, everything’s right, your enthusiasm is at the highest level, you look forward to starting planning every single detail, the venue, the ceremony, the dinner, and the dress, and the flowers… it will be so wonderful!


But then reality breaks in with all its force: how will your families and friends react at the news? They all are naturally over the moon with the idea of you two getting married, but what would they say when you announce that the wedding will take place in Abruzzo?



Negative reactions: expectations vs reality


The more you think about it, the more your dream seems unattainable: nobody will attend your wedding in Abruzzo, nobody will accept to travel thousands of miles to reach a little town, when you could tie the knot right here where you are, without creating so much fuss!


Yes, your parents wouldn’t have problems at travelling, but they would be concerned about the rest of the family, as you are, especially about the elderly relatives: uncle Tony is old and has always that nasty pain in his back, would he be able to face such a long journey? And then aunt Maria and aunt Concetta… they arrived here when they were little girls and have never been anywhere since then, you really cannot imagine them take a plane and cope with check-ins, suitcases, metal detectors! You’re almost scared at the simple idea of asking them to do such a thing!


But perhaps they would be happy of having the “excuse” of your wedding in Abruzzo to go back to their native village… a dream they’ve always dreamt of, but that they have always put off, because, you know, that’s how life goes, what can you do about it? You always try to save money for the plane ticket, as the journey is expensive, but every time there is something more urgent: the new washing machine to buy, then the car needs repairing, and then the university for the kids… how could they just think about spending all their savings only for themselves, to allow themselves the dream of seeing their country once again? No, no, there are other problems, one cannot be so selfish, the journey to Italy can be put off.


But what if the reason for that journey was you, your wedding, to make you happy and not (only) themselves?

Don’t you think they would seize the occasion immediately? Wouldn’t they finally decide to allow themselves this long-awaited journey? I am sure they would, as I am sure that they would set aside any hesitation about their aches and pains or about their lack of familiarity with travels abroad. I bet they will immediately arrange everything and assure the cooperation of your younger cousins to assist them during the journey!


But now you think about your friends… you have already tried to talk about your dream of a wedding in Abruzzo, but the very moment you mentioned Italy they immediately launched themselves to imagine super romantic and glamour pictures either in Rome with the Colosseum in the background, or on a terrace with a view on the Florentine hills, or – why not? – in George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como!

Joking apart, what would they say of a village in the heart of the country in Abruzzo? Could they see it the way you see it, could they understand its beauty and charm? Or would they consider it just a desolate place with no attractions at all?


In my life I’ve had the chance sometimes to accompany people who had never been in this region before to visit its villages. Do you know what was the comment I heard more often? “I didn’t imagine this place could be so beautiful!”


Abruzzo exceeds all expectations, always! Like a hidden gem, you cannot imagine how shiny it is until you discover it.

Its natural beauties offer many opportunities for outdoor excursions and sports, while in the cities and towns it is possible to find many different entertainments. Going out shopping is an experience that never leaves you disappointed, I assure you! And your friends will love everything of your wedding in Abruzzo.


And if you want to be sure that your wedding will be a success, an event that will make all of you happy, not only the two of you as a couple, but your families and friends too, I can help you plan it in every single detail, dealing also with those logistics issues (transfers, accommodation and so on) no one ever thinks about, but that are so important for your guests’ comfort and well-being.


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