Winter Wedding Ideas for Your Amazing Wedding in Abruzzo

winter wedding ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas for Your Amazing Wedding in Abruzzo

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings, Wedding venues 28 Dic 2017

How to set the style of your winter wedding


So, you definitely are a winter lover and want to get married in Abruzzo in this charming season.


You have also carefully verified not only the dates the two of you like most, but also those dates that better fit your guests’ necessities, to make sure that they will be able to be with you on this important day.

[If you still haven’t, check it HERE]


Now, what about the style of your winter wedding?

There are, as usual, many elements you have to take into consideration to determine the style and the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony and reception, and I am here to suggest you some inspirations that I am sure will be very useful to you.


I love the winter atmosphere, that contrast of cold outside and warmth inside, those incredibly clear blue skies that are possible only in the winter sunny days, those scents of spices and dark chocolate (you cannot eat dark chocolate in summer!), and of course the Christmas spirit that is so alive right in these days!

By the way, I do hope you all had a very special Christmas filled with joy!


If you want to have a winter wedding, I suppose you share the same tastes I have, but perhaps you are a bit afraid of not having many options in matter of wedding décor.


In spring and summer there are so many beautiful flowers, so many beautiful colors! What is there in winter? Not that much! And what about the color palette? Am I supposed to choose only dark shades? Or only red? What if I don’t like red?

Well, don’t worry!



Getting married in winter doesn’t mean that you are condemned to follow only certain color schemes or

that your wedding will be “poor” in terms of decoration.


You will see that there’s plenty of wonderful color palettes and no, there aren’t only red and green!


You can start to get an idea of the many different and amazing options of a winter wedding, having a look at those I have gathered here in my Pinterest board about winter weddings.



Color palettes for a winter wedding


As said, there are some color combinations that are considered typical in the winter season: red and dark green, red and white, or even total white, for example.

They are very traditional, yes, but they can be splendidly modern with the choice of floral arrangements and decorative elements with a contemporary style.


But you can also find color combinations that are not immediately recognizable as “wintery”, and that can get more character with the addition of some glitter, that is with the addition of gold or silver.


So, what about an incredibly elegant palette with blue and silver? Or light pastel blue tones, combined with white or -again – silver?

Gold is wonderful combined with colors, such as pink and burgundy: warm, romantic, but also very refined.

An original alternative to gold is copper, that is perfect in combination with both cold (eg. light blue) and warm (eg. pink) tones.



Bring nature inside!


In winter it is more difficult to spend time outside: perhaps, if you are lucky and your wedding day is one of those wonderful winter sunny days I love so much, you may have the chance of having a toast with your guests or to take some nice photos outside, but the ceremony and the reception will necessarily have to be indoor, as the temperatures are too low.

(The best aspect, in this case, is that you won’t have to worry for a plan B in case of bad weather, yours will already be a plan B! It is a relief in some ways, isn’t it?)


If you can’t have your al fresco ceremony, in touch with the nature, well, bring some nature inside!


Little trees decorated with lights, or garlands as ceremony backdrops, for example.

And about the floral arrangements, first of all there are many charming flowers that are available in winter, such as rose, calla, ranunculus, tulip, anemone, narcissus, hellibore.

They can then be integrated with other natural elements, typical of the season: pinecones, evergreen boughs, mistletoe, berries, and so on.

And, of course, the addition of candles, lanterns, string lights will create a wonderful effect! This is another great aspect of winter weddings: while in summer you cannot always enjoy the romantic atmosphere created by candles, as it gets dark late (always too late for the ceremony for example), in winter it’s exactly the opposite!



 Fabrics, textures, patterns


In the decorations, but also in the outfits of the bride and groom, it is possible to use many beautiful fabrics, such as tartan, velvet and fur (eco fur, of course!).


Also wool and knitted items can be beautifully used.

Tricot and knitting patterns and textures are very nice and could be used as decorative motifs.


Other decorative and ornamental elements that typical of winter, such as garlands, crystals, snowflakes, stars, can become graphic elements for the wedding stationary: invitations and save the dates, place cards and seating plans, and so on.



Avoid the risk of “too much”!


Have you see how many options you have for the decor of your winter wedding?

I know it is not easy to choose because they are all so charming and lovely, they make you want everything! The temptation of piling things up and adding more and more decorations is big, but it is important to be wise!


All these colors, materials, graphic elements must be carefully studied and planned in order to create

an harmonious totality, with a precise style and an identity.



If there is not a project, if there is not a well definite choice, the result will be a confused, chaotic mixture of different things that vaguely remind of winter, that are charming if considered one at a time, but that are an eyesore if considered as a whole.


I am here to help you find the colors, patterns, and ideas that best suit your wedding project: your tastes (of the both of you), your style, the style of the venue and of the event in general.


Contact me now and book your Skype call with me to discuss about your wonderful winter wedding in Abruzzo!





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