Why Choose Abruzzo For Your Honeymoon In Italy


Why Choose Abruzzo For Your Honeymoon In Italy

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 22 Ago 2016

Abruzzo is the ideal destination for you honeymoon in Italy


Abruzzo is not only a great wedding destination, but is also perfect for your honeymoon in Italy.

Couples who love nature, enchanting landscapes, art and history will find here everything they are looking for! Whether you prefer the sea or the mountains, modern towns or historic places, you’ll be surely spoilt for choice!


Honeymoon at the seaside

If you love the seaside, you can choose between golden sandy beaches or little coves between the cliffs of the Costa dei Trabocchi: little hidden corners of paradise!

During the day you can practise a lot of water sports or get a tan relaxing yourself. And in the evening you can have fun thanks to the many opportunities offered by the cities along the coast: concerts, festivals and other events, and beach clubs where you can dance all night long!

And what about a romantic dinner at candlelight tasting the seafood recipes of our cuisine? Along the coast of the province of Chieti, you can find very special places, our typical trabocchi: these fishing machines, that look so fragile, are actually cosy little restaurants, that offer an incredible experience: having excellent seafood (and very fresh too, only the catch of the day!) completely surrounded by the sea!


trabocco dinner for honeymoon in Italy

A trabocco at night



 Honeymoon in the Parks

If you love the peace of the countryside or of the mountains, you are in the right place all the same! Choose one of the villages within the territory of one of Abruzzo national or regional parks and you’ll be able to spend the days tasting savoury local food specialities, having long walks along pleasant paths, through green meadows and woods, with an amazing view on valleys, mountains peaks and wonderful blue lakes.

And if you are lucky, you might spot at a distance a a deer, a wolf or even a bear! By the way, in some villages in the territory of Abruzzo National Park, such as Villetta Barrea, it is not unusual to see deers or fallow deers peacefully strolling along the streets!

Are you a lover of action? Here you will find many occasions for adventurous experiences!


deer in villetta barrea

A deer strolling around in Villetta Barrea



A honeymoon of love and art

If you have chosen a honeymoon in Italy because you love its culture and art, Abruzzo can offer you many opportunities to admire masterpieces that its long history has left in heritance. Cities and towns of art such as Sulmona, Penne, Scanno, Guardiagrele (just to mention a few) will surprise you with their ancient churches, historic palaces, picturesque alleys and squares. Abruzzo is one of the Italian regions with the highest number of towns belonging to the club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, so you can imagine how many treasures you can find even in the smaller centres!


A trip to Guardiagrele for honeymoon in Italy

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore in Guardiagrele



After a wonderful wedding in Abruzzo, take then some days to visit its many natural and historical treasures! From Abruzzo you can easily reach many other beautiful and renowned cities such as Rome or Florence or Venice to complete a memorable honeymoon in Italy!

Contact me for advice, I will suggest you reliable travel agencies to plan the honeymoon of your dreams!


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Cover photo: Barrea lake


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