Wedding Venues Abroad: The #1 Problem You Didn’t Know

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Wedding Venues Abroad: The #1 Problem You Didn’t Know

Posted by Chiara in Destination Weddings, Wedding reception, Wedding venues 04 Apr 2016

How to choose among wedding venues

Looking for the wedding venue is one of the most important aspect of wedding planning.

As I commented also in another post of mine, about the search of the perfect wedding venues, there are always many aspects to consider and many factors that influence the choice of the place where your wedding reception will take place, such as the number of guests, the area where it is located, the style, the kind of service offered, the food, the kind of spaces available (wide halls inside, suitable outdoors areas, and so on).

Finding the wedding venue is something that couples can certainly do by themselves, but they have to consider some particular aspects. It is a time consuming task, as it is necessary to make many searches on the Internet, find possible options, gather information about them, ask for quotations and so on, in order to narrow their selection until they have only a few options that they should consider visiting directly.

(By the way, you might want to have a first idea of the typologies of wedding venues present in Abruzzo)

Couples must know in advance what their priorities are and what features must absolutely be respected: this  is really important because it is far too easy to get distracted by the charm of venues that are surely marvellous but that perhaps do not suit all their necessities (for example, falling in love with a venue whose cost is much above the allocated budget).

When the wedding is abroad, then, difficulties increase: the geographical distance, time zones, the different language are all aspects to keep into consideration.


The main problem of finding the right wedding venue in Italy

But surely there is one problem that couples rarely think about when they look at the photos and websites of villas, castles and other splendid wedding venues in Abruzzo and generally in Italy: that they are usually focused on the characteristics of the typical Italian wedding and not of a destination wedding!

And how is the typical Italian wedding? It’s crowded!

Italians tend to invite a large number of guests (generally 100 to 200) so wedding venues are made to satisfy the necessities of these big numbers. In a destination wedding, instead, numbers tend to be much reduced, therefore venues might have problems in meeting the needs of these small groups.

So it might happen that a venue accepts smaller wedding receptions only during the week and not on Saturdays or Sundays or that it is necessary to charge the spouses with higher prices. This is certainly not a way for these venues to take advantage of the spouses: it is only that their fixed costs are very high and they would otherwise suffer losses. And I think that no one is to blame if they don’t want to work at a loss!

For all these reasons, asking for the help of a wedding planner to look for suitable options of wedding venues is always advisable.

As a wedding planner specialized in destination weddings, I constantly enrich my archive with every kind of wedding venues, in order to be ready to answer every sort of request, but I especially look for those venues that can be perfect proposals for couples with small groups of guests.

And if are still uncertain about hiring a wedding planner for the whole organization, that’s ok: you might consider some help only for the Venue Search Service and do the rest of the planning by yourself. It’s easy!







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