Travelling is great… travelling easily is better!

Travelling is great… travelling easily is better!

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 09 Apr 2015

I’ve always been convinced of a thing: however beautiful and deserving a place can be, that’s almost useless if it is too hard to reach… or, at least that place will only attract those few enthusiasts who don’t care about travelling a lot and suffering some disadvantages to reach their destination; apart from them, most people prefer to avoid excessive troubles and inconveniences… especially if they are travelling for a destination wedding! There are already so many people and things and details to think about, that the idea of a too complicated journey can be discouraging, I can perfectly understand that!

And I have always been concerned, too, about the connections my region has with the rest of Italy, with Europe and the whole world, because it’s impossible for people to come and see how beautiful Abruzzo is, if they cannot arrive here easily: luckily we’ve had for some years some good connections with many European cities, but what about the rest of the world? Rome is near and Milan is well connected, but I felt that there was definitely room for improvement.

That’s why I was sooo thrilled some days ago when I heard some particularly interesting news: Alitalia airline has just established three daily flights to Rome (and back) that allow passengers to reach many different destinations all over the world (Canada, USA, Brasil, just to list some countries), with only one ticket, only one check-in and, in most cases, one simple transit in Rome Fiumicino (in other cases there is another stop, but it depends on the time and the destination)… well, isn’t it great? It will be much easier to arrive here from basically everywhere…to tie the knot in the Green Heart of Europe!





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