The Italian Wedding Cake: For a Truly Italian Wedding!

italian wedding cake

The Italian Wedding Cake: For a Truly Italian Wedding!

Posted by Chiara in Destination Weddings, Wedding reception 09 Mar 2016

Let’s talk about the Italian wedding cake

I’ve thought about writing this post because of the conversation I had some days ago with a future bride: she wanted to have a wedding in Italy with a very Italian atmosphere  and so she was curious to know how the Italian wedding cake is.

And of course, she was absolutely right in asking this question because what we normally take for granted (and perhaps Italian cakes are a bit like that for Italians) is definitely not for the rest of the world!

In these last years in Italy there has been an incredible growth in the trend of spectacular wedding cakes covered and decorated with sugarpaste, also thanks to many tv shows that have made these cakes very very popular.

They are certainly wonderful cakes, that require great attention and talent for a perfect result and I am always charmed by their beauty and I sometimes think: what a pity that such a piece of art must be destroyed!

But we must not forget the Italian pastry-making tradition, as its products are always excellent and soooo tasty!

It must also be considered that many wedding venues in Abruzzo, that have their own inner catering service, usually include THIS kind of cakes in their wedding banquet menus, while it is necessary to hire an external cake designer to have a wedding cake with sugarpaste covering and decorations.

So, if you want to have a real Italian wedding, you must not forget to ask for a wonderful traditional Italian wedding cake!


millefoglie italian wedding cake with mixed berries

A millefoglie wedding cake with mixed berries



How is an Italian wedding cake?

The main difference between Italian cakes is the base: either millefoglie (puff pastry) or pan di Spagna (sponge cake), but both kinds are always filled with delicious pastry cream, Chantilly cream or chocolate cream.

A millefoglie cake is usually made of only one layer, because the pastry is too fragile for a multi-layered cake. But actually one-layer cakes are very common and very appreciated here in Italy. This cake can be covered with powdered sugar  or whipped cream and can be decorated with strawberries or mixed berries or other kinds of fruit, but also with fresh flowers.


millefoglie italian wedding cake

A tasty wedding millefoglie cake


Pan di Spagna cakes usually have one to three layers, are often round but also the heart shape is very requested!

They are covered with whipped cream, but also with fresh fruit of different kinds, or cream puffs, little meringues, or flowers and so on.


Heart shaped Italian wedding cake

Heart-shaped wedding cake


The moment of the entrance of the cake is the most solemn of the reception and all the guests want to have a look at it before the cutting!


All these cakes  combine a beautiful look with an incredibly delicious taste and even if Italian wedding banquet are very rich, nobody says “No” to a slice of cake at the end!


Italian wedding cake with whipped cream

A typical three-layer wedding cake covered with whipped cream


And what about you? I bet you’re looking forward to your wedding in Abruzzo to have a taste of a delicious Italian wedding cake!

Contact me to select the best venues, caterers and confectioners for your wedding reception and find the best cake!

Bye for now!





Cover photo: Hotel dei Giardini



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