The #1 Problem You’ll Have About Your Wedding Menu (Even if it’s The Best One in the World)

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The #1 Problem You’ll Have About Your Wedding Menu (Even if it’s The Best One in the World)

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings, Wedding reception 20 Nov 2018



The whole world loves Italy for its amazing food and its amazing wine, and what makes both even greater is the incredible variety of traditional dishes, regional recipes, local products, so different from area to area, but with the common features(characteristics of excellency, dedication and passion.


Here in Abruzzo we are no less: our regional cooking tradition is made of poor, simple ingredients (this used to be a poor region), but they are skilfully turned into delicious dishes.

This is a unique region that includes the sea, the countryside and the mountains, so the heritage of traditional recipes and the range of local products is incredibly rich, able to satisfy every taste!


So, I can honestly affirm that choosing to have your wedding in Abruzzo is the best choice you can make if you are a foodie and if you are eager to offer your guests the best wedding banquet of their lives!

And I’m pretty sure you are!


And no, I’m not bragging at all, I can tell because I have the experience of many brides and grooms and wedding guests (a looooot of wedding guests! :D) who tasted the Abruzzese cooking and went literaly crazy about it!





The food is an extremely important aspect of a wedding: you may plan your big event up to the tiniest details with the uttermost attention, but if the food is less than excellent your guests won’t be satisfied.

No matter how gorgeous you look in your bridal gown, how elegant the venue or how beautiful the flowers: if the food is not up to your guests’ expectations, they will only remember that they didn’t eat well on your wedding day.


Think of your own experiences as a wedding guests and tell me: isn’t it exactly like that?


I can tell you about my direct experience as a wedding guest.

One of my dearest friends go married many years ago, and I can remember only 3 things of her wedding day:


– that it took place in winter,

– that I cried a lot during the wedding rite (it was a very moving ceremony)

– that I didn’t like the food AT ALL!


I have no memories of the centrepieces, or of the wedding favors or of the music, all those details went lost in the passing of time.

But I perfectly remember that I barely ate that day.


It’s incredible how these positive or negative impressions are able to last during the time and to outlive all the other memories!


Now you understand how important it is to choose your wedding caterer and/or wedding venue with great attention, as the wedding menu they will prepare for you will make all the difference!


No worries, this is a problem you won’t have, as you are getting married in Abruzzo and, as I have already said, our regional cooking is excellent!


You are a very lucky bride!







I know what you are thinking now: “I knew that it couldn’t be that perfect, it looked too good to be true!”


You can rest assured that all I have just said is absolutely true, but, yes, there is a problem and it is a problem that might affect considerably your peace of mind during your wedding preparations.


And the problem is: here in Abruzzo (as well as in any other Italian region) there’s plenty of excellent wedding venues and of excellent caterers, but they will all offer you the standard Italian wedding banquet.


[If you don’t know how the traditional Italian wedding banquet is structured, I have dedicated to it a whole section in my “Little Guide to Weddings in Abruzzo: the guide that wlll help you prevent all the possible problems while planning your wedding reception. 

You can download it HERE for free:

And you will also find a wonderful surprise that I have prepared especially for you!]


What if you want your own wedding banquet to have a different structure, a different composition?


You love Italian food but you may find that our traditional wedding menu is too different from your habits or of those of your guests, that there are too many dishes, that it is TOO MUCH.


In this way there is this conflict:

On one side there is the caterer, with great talent and wide experience, who is, however, too used to the habits of Italian couples to think of proposing something different.

On the other side there is you, who frankly don’t see why you should accept a kind of wedding menu that you didn’t expect and that is too different from what you actually want.


And when there is also the problem of the difference of language…. well, this conflict can only get worse!


But don’t worry, you have the power to prevent every problem and misunderstanding with one simple gesture: hiring me as your wedding planner!


Tell me all about your ideas, your wishes, your expectations and if they don’t correspond to the typical Italian way, I’ll help you find the solutions that work best for you and those wedding professionals who are more able to think differently and meet your requirements without a blink.


So, getting married here in Abruzzo you will have all these certainties about the wedding menu:


– that the food will be excellent (not to mention the wine, of course!)

– that all your guests will be happy and satisfied and that they will always remember your wedding as the best one ever, the one that has really exceeded all their expectations!

– that, with my help, all the possible problems arising from the relationship with your caterer and/or venue manager will be prevented or easily solved without a single moment of worry or anxiety for you.


It’s all pretty cool, uh?


What you have to do now is to contact me HERE and book your complimentary Skype call to talk together of your wonderful project of wedding in Abruzzo!


I look forward to hearing from you!


xx Chiara 



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