Symbolic Ceremony

What is a symbolic ceremony?

A concise definition might be: a wedding ceremony with no legal or religious value, usually characterized by the presence of a rite (such as the Unity Candle rite or the Sand rite) that symbolizes the union of the spouses, hence its name.

But this brief description does not fully express the true essence of this ceremony.

Even if there is no official recognition of the union of the bride and groom, it is a real ceremony and real are the love, the feelings, the tears of joy; real are the vows of love that the spouses exchange, real is the magic atmosphere and the emotional involvement of all the guests.


Who is a symbolic ceremony for?

A symbolic ceremony in Italy is ideal for those couples who are already legally married or are planning of having the civil rite in their own country, but who desire a beautiful, romantic and emotionally meaningful ceremony in one of the many enchanting and unique setting that Italy can offer. Or for those couples who don’t feel the need of an official validation of their love but who want to celebrate it anyway, surrounded by their dearest ones in a stunning venue.


symbolic ceremony in apulia

Waiting for the bride! – A stunning ceremony for Alchimie – Photo: Neda Photography



How is a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony can be structured according to the spouses’ requests.

There is usually an introduction, the exchange of the wedding vows and of the rings, the moment of the symbolic rite and then the final wishes for the bride and groom, but it can be personalized in many ways.

There can be the moment for the readings, where relatives and friends can express their wishes for the spouses by reading poems or passages from famous books. The choice of music is also a way of giving the ceremony a very personal touch. And, of course, the personality of the bride and groom, their joy and enthusiasm are always elements that make every wedding ceremony absolutely unique, different from any other.


Who will celebrate our symbolic ceremony in Abruzzo?

It will be me, Chiara.

I have been a “CerimoniaVIP” certified wedding celebrant since 2015 and I will be your officiant in English language for your wedding ceremony in Abruzzo.

I’ve had the luck of starting celebrating symbolic ceremonies thanks to my collaboration with Claudia Carbonara, a dear friend of mine who is the founder of the CerimoniaVIP methodthe one and only immersive method in tailored wedding ceremonies creation. It is an exclusive path that guides the bride and the groom in the realization of the ceremony of their dreams.

Thanks to her competence and professionalism, together with her sensitivity and empathy, Claudia will create for you the perfect ceremony text, that will reflect your personality, your story as a couple, your wishes and hope for the future.

If you want to know Claudia better, read my two-part interview: Interview with…the Wedding Celebrant and  The Role of the Wedding Officiant.



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symbolic ceremony for a wedding in apulia

Celebrating the ceremony – A marvellous wedding for Alchimie – Photo: Daniele Notaro