Starting Your Wedding Planning Even Before The Proposal! (At Christmas, It’s Possible!)

start the wedding planning before the proposal

Starting Your Wedding Planning Even Before The Proposal! (At Christmas, It’s Possible!)

Posted by Chiara in A wedding planner's life, Brides, Destination Weddings 07 Dic 2018

One year ago…


Hi, I’m Sharon, I’m calling from London, I’m contacting you because my boyfriend proposed during the Christmas holidays! We got back home just yesterday and the first thing I wanted to do was to call you, because I want to get married in Abruzzo and I need a wedding planner”.


These are, more or less, the words that I heard on the phone 11 months ago, right at the beginning of January 2018.

The voice on the other side of the speaker belonged to a woman who soon became one of my beloved brides and who got married last summer.


What hit me of that first phone call with her was her great decision and clarity of mind: suspecting that her fiancé was about to pop the question, she didn’t want to waste any time and she had already started looking for a wedding planner in Abruzzo, the region that she absolutely wanted as the setting of her wedding.


And she was absolutely right, because he actually proposed! And at that point, after replying “Yes!”, she already knew which was the next step to take.


I absolutely loved what she revealed to me during that phone call, the fact that during her online researches she examined the websites of different wedding planners, but she  kept on going back to mine, and by the time that the holidays were over, she was pretty sure that I was the right choice!

Those really are sweet words for a wedding planner!


She is a business woman, an extremely precise, organized person, but exactly for that reason, she knew how important it was for her to have a professional at her side, to help her save a lot of time and energy and to guarantee an equally precise and organized result….in only six months of time AND in another country!


You know, wedding planning is stressful for every bride, or better, for every couple, but when the wedding is abroad, the stress doubles, at the very least!


What can make your wedding planning process really hard


Yes, my Abruzzo is a charming region, local venues are amazing and local vendors are talented and professional, but all these amazing features can’t cancel the existing difficulties:


the problem of you being too far geographically, sometimes so far that it’s impossible to plan an inspection trip during the period of preparations (many couples have the occasion of actually visiting their wedding venue only at the arrival, just a few days before the big event!)

the problem of speaking a different language, of not knowing Italian and to find out that your vendors are so talented in their job but not in speaking English… with the risk of continuous misunderstandings

the problem of organizing not only a wedding, but a whole journey abroad, for you and your guests, with a lot of logistics issues to solve

the problem of difference between cultures, of constantly realizing that what looks easy and perfectly doable to you, might seem completely different (and not so doable at all) for your vendors

[about this aspect I have written The Little Guide To Weddings In Abruzzo, a very useful guide that all my brides appreciate so much! You can have it, too, and for free, HERE]


So, this amazing bride had understood all that and knew that my professional, competent support was absolutely necessary to avoid all these problems and live the period of preparations in total serenity. She trusted I could do all that for her and was ready to start her wedding planning process with my help.



Perhaps you are now in the same situation she was a year ago: you feel that your love story is about to move forward in the best possible way and that the upcoming Christmas holidays will bring you the best gift ever: a gorgeous engagement ring!


After all, Christmas time is one of the most popular periods of the year for marriage proposals (the others are Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries, for sure!), so the chances of finding that particular little box with that particular circular jewel under the Christmas tree are high, aren’t they?


And perhaps you are eager to tie the knot in Abruzzo, as you share with me the love for this region, because your family roots are here and you have always dreamed of getting married in the land of your grandparents, or simply because you are fascinated by its enchanting landscapes, picturesque villages and its excellent food and wine.


Well, if you recognize yourself in this description, don’t miss my future posts as there will be a great surprise that I am preparing for you and that will be available right after New Year’s Eve!


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But before leaving, I bet that you’re curious to know how Sharon’s wedding was and what were her feelings and thoughts after her big day, aren’t you?


Here are her direct words:

review for wedding planning service


It’s hard to express all my joy and gratitude and sense of fulfillment and reward for all these wonderful, wonderful words!

And now I am ready to start a new great wedding planning experience with you!


xx Chiara

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