Planning a Destination Wedding in Abruzzo: The Culture Clash You Didn’t Expect

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Planning a Destination Wedding in Abruzzo: The Culture Clash You Didn’t Expect

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings, Wedding pros 07 Mar 2018


One of the absolute certainties about planning a wedding is that it is stressful. And I must say this is true.


Sure, it is a period of big dreams, great expectations and big heart eyes every time you see photos of flower arrangements, bridal gowns, multi-tiered cakes and so on.


But turning all those pretty things from mere photos into reality can be a really hard job.


If you’re planning a destination wedding, there are so many other elements that make things even harder.



The additional problems of planning a destination wedding


The distance, of course. The impossibility of jumping in your car whenever you want (or whenever you can) to reach that venue you want to visit or that vendor you need to speak to face to face.


Then the language. Here in Abruzzo, and in Italy more in general, it is difficult to find vendors who can speak and write fluently in English, who can communicate in an effective way, without the risk of misunderstandings. Not to mention how few are those who are able to send you a contract written in English.


But it’s understandable. Abruzzo is still rather new to destination weddings, vendors are absolutely professional, ready and prepared for local couples, but might not be equally ready to meet the needs of couples coming from abroad.


And, last but not least, this fact leads to another problem: the clash of mindsets, of different cultures.



Expectations vs Reality


Most surely you are used to an extreme efficiency whenever you choose a service: you immediately receive the complete contract, you immediately pay a deposit and everything is settled and confirmed in no time.


Here you might find a different approach. You might find a vendor that is exactly so precise and efficient, but you might also find a vendor whose behaviour upsets you in some ways.


You are ready to sign the contract, but you realise it takes ages to receive it by email. You are ready to pay and so ask the vendor to send you their bank details, but they forget to let you have them.


Yes, you’ve been assured that everything is ok, your booking is considered confirmed, you don’t have to worry at all.

But you ARE worried, instead!


You are puzzled, surprised, and a bit irritated, too.


What’s wrong with them? Are they crazy or something? Why do I have to push and insist to have things confirmed officially?

Why are they so careless even if I want to pay them? Are they going to rip me off? What if it’s so and I realise it when it’s too late? I won’t have the time to find another venue or another vendor!


I understand you perfectly: you are waiting, in total confusion and uncertainty, you don’t understand what’s going on and why things are not proceeding as you had expected them to proceed.

Each day of wait seems to be endless.






And you have every right to feel so anxious: it’s your wedding we’re talking about! A unique, once-in-a-lifetime event and you don’t want to put it at risk trusting some vendors who don’t seem to have your best interests at heart!


As I said, I understand you, I would feel exactly the same if I were you.


But I want to assure you that in most cases, there are no bad intentions behind this behaviour. No bad intentions at all.


Even if they may seem to be careless and superficial, I am sure they are excellent professionals who will make your wedding in Abruzzo a real success.


But if they don’t send you an immediate reply, if they take a lot of time in letting you have contracts or other information, in most cases it is just that they really consider themselves already engaged for you, the email of confirmation you sent them is enough to book that date for you, they don’t need any other immediate action.


And especially if the date of the wedding is still far, they don’t seem to care only because they feel there is no need to hurry.

They have other more urgent work to do, perhaps, they have other imminent deadlines, that take their attention, but they are absolutely calm and relaxed about your wedding because they know their job and know that there’s plenty of time for everything, even to be paid, and that you don’t have to worry at all, everything will be fine.


The problem is that they don’t tell you these things, they simply disappear. They don’t realize that, while they feel serene and perfectly aware of what is going on, you, on the other side, are totally in the opposite state! You are not serene and you are not aware of the situation! They don’t understand your anxiety, but this is not due to bad intentions, only to a different mindset.


Trying to change this mindset is difficult, cultures can’t be modified quickly. And it would also be a pity to give up, because behind this annoying behaviour there is an excellent wedding professional, or the venue of your dreams!


What should you do, then?


You have two options.


The first one is to deal with them by yourself.

Don’t be too naive, of course, pay attention to who you are hiring, and read all the reviews of their previous clients, to make sure they are really reliable vendors. And once you’ve found them, be patient and ready to send reminders, to insist, to push until you receive what you need.


The second option is to call me to have a precious ally at your side.

As a destination wedding planner, one of the most important aspects of my job is to mediate between you and all the wedding professionals that will contribute to make your wedding in Abruzzo a real success.


The first guarantee in this sense is that I will select and propose you only the best professionals of the region, those I trust 100%. No matter who you choose among them, your choice will be absolutely trustworthy.


The second guarantee is that in case of delays like those I described, I will be at your side to make sure you receive all the information and documents you need in due time.

You won’t have to spend hours sending reminder emails or making continuous phone calls, I will do all that for you.


Differently from the many big destination wedding planning agencies, that offer you an indistinct list of Italian destinations (without considering that Italian regions differ a lot one from the other, they are not all the same thing!), but that don’t have a true and deep knowledge of every single territory, I offer you only one: Abruzzo, my region, that I perfectly know as well as the proposals of its local wedding industry.


And differently from the local wedding planners, who have a very good knowledge of what this region offers, but only in connection with the needs of local clients, I am specialized in destination weddings, I know your real needs that are different from those of Italian couples, and I have such a knowledge of the English language to be able to deal with the most delicate situations (from personal issues to contracts) without any risks of misunderstandings or confusion.


Do you want to know more about the cultural differences that might interfere with your planning a destination wedding in Abruzzo?

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