Music Themed Wedding: 5 Ideas That Sound Good

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Music Themed Wedding: 5 Ideas That Sound Good

Posted by Chiara in Wedding ceremonies, Wedding reception 06 Ott 2016

The choice of a music themed wedding


Many couples choose to have a music themed wedding and the reason is quite simple: music is such an important element in the lives of most of us, it accompanies our special moments, it gives us comfort in our bad times… I bet that EVERY ONE, with no exception, has at least a bunch of songs tied to specific memories and that represents the very personal soundtrack of their life!

So no wonder that a lot of brides and grooms want to express how important music is for them by using it as the theme of their wedding!

The problem is that music is a wide theme! How to put it into reality? How to find the right way to communicate it? There are so many elements related to music, many styles, genres, symbols, items, that it might be difficult to create a wedding décor that is consistent, original and non-monotonous!

Today I have chosen for you 5 different ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own music themed wedding.



 5 Ideas for a perfect music themed wedding


1) Shabby Sheet Music

Sheet music is perfect for every item that can be made with paper in a wedding: invites, seating plans, escort cards, cover of wedding programmes, buntings and flags, labels, cones for rice, petals or flowers, lanterns… the list could go on forever!

But this decorative element can be used also in a more original way: for the wedding cake, for example, and even for the bridal bouquet and the groom’s bouttoniere! I find them beautiful… and they would last for many many years, too!

This theme can wonderfully match a more general shabby-chic or country-chic style: aged, shabby sheet music is  perfect combined with lace, ribbons, burlap, lavender and so on!


sheet music decorations for a music themed wedding

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2 Vinyl records

Use real vinyl records or simply their image to create amazing decorative elements for the different items of your wedding: the invitations, for example, but also the seating plan, the underplates, and the guestbook!

Many things can have the shape of vinyl records, even cookies!




3. Instruments

Another idea is to include instruments (both real ones and reproductions) not only as decorative elements – such as the image of a keyboard to decorate the wedding cake -but also for a useful purpose, for example using a guitar as a very original guestbook, or a guitar case to collect cards from your guests!




4. Music festival

This is an idea I like very much: to show the wedding as a musical event or a music festival! So you can get inspiration from festival programmes, use tickets and VIP badge holders with lanyards and so on. The style will depend on the kind of event you want to reproduce: a country festival or a pop concert or an epic event such as Woodstock with the psychedelic style of the period.


music themed wedding invitations

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5. Favourite genre or group

If you have a music genre, a group or a singer you particularly love, it’s easy for you to find the right inspiration! You can use record covers, song titles, particular iconic elements referred to that specific genre or group, and so on. And what about hiring a cover band to play the songs you love most?

For example, as I am a great fan of the Beatles, I have created a whole Pinterest board about weddings inspired to the FabFour! I created for fun, waiting for a couple to ask me for such a great wedding theme!

What are the elements you can reproduce in this case? Surely their songs, in particular their wonderful love songs or a real anthem like “All you need is love” (isn’t that perfect for a wedding?). You can use the particular font of their logo, the symbol of the green apple they used as a logo for their recording company (Apple, of course), not to mention their album covers or the many famous photos of them.




Obviously these ideas don’t have to be used separately, they can be combined together, as long as they are in tone with the general style and atmosphere. For example, if you have chosen your favourite group as a theme, you can include real instruments that are related to that group, or vinyls with their name on the labels. Sure, violins are not verysuitable if your theme is rock music, but are perfect if your style is more elegant and is inspired to classical music.

Do you feel you need more ideas ? Have a look at my Pinterest board about Music Themed Wedding: you’ll find many great inspirations!

But creating a wedding décor that is consistent and well balanced is not easy and there is always the risk of exaggerating, of using too many decorations. So contact me now  to schedule a free consultation and I will explain you how I can help you find the perfect style for your wedding and the better way to express it!

Lots of love,



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