Movie Theme Wedding: 7 Ideas To Ispire You

movie theme wedding ideas

Movie Theme Wedding: 7 Ideas To Ispire You

Posted by Chiara in Wedding ceremonies, Wedding reception, Weddings 27 Giu 2016

Movies as theme for a wedding

Cinema is one of my passions, that’s why I’ve been thinking of writing a post about movie theme wedding for a while and that moment has arrived, at last!

I am sure that I am not the only one to love the Seventh Art: everyone has a favourite genre or at least a film they find meaningful for their life. This is true also for couples, who can find in their common passion an excellent theme for their wedding decor.

If that’s your case, wondeful! You can find so many sources of inspiration: you can decide to select the films you both love, or your favourite actors, or a specific genre or period of the history of cinema (romantic movies, sci-fi, musicals, the films or the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood and so on).

You can adapt this theme to an elegant or rétro style (the films of the Roaring 20s, with all their glamour) or to a more pop, colourful one (Disney movies, for example).

The possible ideas and inspirations are so various and different as the cinema itself is, so you can really interpret this theme in the way that most represents your tastes and personality.

But, as there is always the risk of getting lost among too many options and possibilities, I have selected 7 ideas to help you find a precise direction.

7 ideas for your movie theme wedding


1. Movie posters

The posters of films are always a source of great inspiration! Some of them are so beautiful and famous they have become real icons as well as the film they represent. They are perfect for the seating plan, to identify the different tables.

You can also think about creating your own poster where your guests are listed as the members of the cast! Isn’t that a cute idea?




2. PERSONAL movie posters

Either you have chosen films in general or a specific movie as a theme of your wedding, why don’t you take inspiration from a particular poster, replacing the photos of the main actors with the two of you in the same clothes and posture?

That picture could be used for save-the-dates and invitations, for the seating plan and so on.




3. Lights, camera, action!

The clapperboard is one of the typical symbols of cinema, and it can’t be missing in a movie theme wedding!

You can use it as an inspiration for invitations, seating cards, and also for a session of movie theme photos!




4. Film frames

Even if we are in the digital era, we remain attached to the good old fashioned celluloid film!

The pattern of film frames is another element that can be reproduced for the seating plan, place cards, invitations and so on, especially if they become a frame for the photos of the two of you.

And what about using real film strings, for example for an extremely original bouttonière?



5. The Walk of Fame Stars

When you think about movies you think  about Hollywood, and when you think about Hollywood you cannot help thinking about the stars of the Walk of Fame!

These stars are a perfect decorative element that can be used in many ways! The name is the middle will be yours, of course!



6. Tickets, please!

Wether you prefer a more old-fashioned style or a more modern one, cinema tickets are another great inspiration for the graphic elements of your wedding decor, and you can perfectly adapt it to whatever specific style you choose.



7. Popcorn & movies = perfect match!

Popcorn is the tradition of every cinema night! You can create a nice popcorn table for your guests, that can help themselves using the typical striped paper cups!

Little mason jars filled with corn grains can also be nice favors for some tasty home made popcorn!




So, let me know in the comments which one of these ideas you like best and don’t forget to share these inspirations with your friends!

For more suggestions, have a look to my Pinterest board about movie theme wedding: I am sure you’ll find the perfect idea!

Or you can contact me for consultation about your wedding style: it will be great for me to help you plan your wedding in Italy!


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