Let’s dance!

Let’s dance!

Posted by Chiara in Weddings 16 Dic 2014

One of the typical wedding tradition is by no means the newlyweds’ first dance: the dinner is over and everybody is ready to let the party start , but before that, there is that particular, romantic moment, when the lights are dimmed, a lovely music starts and  the bride and groom reach the dance floor, alone, with no one else around, to have their first dance as husband and wife (let’s hope the first of a long series!).

Sometimes things go a bit differently: the newlyweds throw themselves into a lively, almost professional choreography, revealing an unexpected talent to all their surprised guests! Obviously that is the result of accurate exercise and rehearsals, attending specific dance classes: there are actually many schools that offer lessons for couples who want to learn the basics of ballroom, in order to gain confidence and to avoid what we in Italy call a “brutta figura” or, if they are more expert, to create their own choreography based on their favourite song.

Now the web has become an extremely precious resource, where it is possible to find everything on the matter: useful tips about the right timing, the right preparations, the right shoes, complete directories with all the best dance schools, video tutorials to learn basic steps by themselves, suggestions about the choice of the song, in case the couples still haven’t one… every possible thing, really.

I must confess I was not aware of all the importance this tradition has abroad until I started studying and working for destination weddings… actually I have never noticed in Italy such an interest and care for this aspect of the wedding: brides and grooms naturally love to have their first dance together, but they usually don’t do more than dancing cheek-to-cheek to their favourite music… and in any case I don’t think that the idea of spending hours in rehearsals before the wedding has ever been that popular here…is that because we are already very talented or just lazy? Both, maybe 😀

Jokes apart, I have noticed that in these very last years, the number of dance schools that offer lessons for the wedding day is steadily increasing even here in Italy, perhaps because of the many tv programmes that show weddings abroad and that are progressively setting a trend…. will Italian couples get bitten by the dancing bug then? I’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know…

…in the meantime, let’s dream together with one of my favourite “first dance” movie scenes, from “My best friend’s wedding”:





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