How To Remember Loved Ones At Your Wedding

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How To Remember Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 01 Nov 2017

Remember loved ones on All Saints’ Day


Today is All Saints’ Day, as you well know.

Perhaps you’ve spent the night celebrating Halloween wearing a scary or amusing costume and a great make up.


Also here in Italy the feast of Halloween has become popular during these last years, and even here now it is possible to see groups of kids ringing doorbells to ask for “trick or treat” and hoping to receive more candies than they can eat!


Here Halloween is seen as a very commercial feast, an occasion to have fun both for kids and grown-ups, but all over Italy the days of November 1st and 2nd have always been devoted to the memory of the dead, especially of the dearest ones.


In many villages of Abruzzo it was believed that in the night between October 31st and November 1st, the souls of the dead would leave the graveyards in procession to reach their homes: this belief originated many traditions, such as the one of “L’aneme de le morte” (“the souls of the dead”, in local dialect) in the town of Serramonacesca.


Here the kids “mimic” the souls (who are supposed to visit their villages and homes during the night), so they go along the streets and knock at every door, saying they are the “aneme de le morte”, so to receive candies as a gift.

Isn’t this tradition incredibly similar to Halloween?


In other villages, there was the custom of putting lit candles along the streets so that the dead could find their way, and of setting the table in the kitchen with food and wine, so that they could eat in their house.


In some cases the children used to hang empty stockings to the mantelpiece before going to bed: the next morning they would find them filled with pastries, a gift from the dead who had visited the house.


I like these traditions, as they express the sense of love  and communion existing in every family towards their lost ones, the will to maintain these bonds always strong and to keep a vivid memory of those who have passed away, especially in the children.


And this is the aspect I prefer of these days, the aspect that makes more sense to me and that should be preserved: beyond all the celebrations, the costumes, the pumpkins, it is important to save some time to think about our dear ones who are not here anymore and to keep the memories alive, as what counts the most is that bond of love that can never end between them and us.


Remember loved ones on your wedding day


This bond can be so strong that the desire of honoring the loved ones can be present not only in this part of the year, but also in other important events of our life, for example on our wedding day.


Perhaps you’re thinking about this possibility, too.

Perhaps you, too, have lost someone you loved very much, someone you had always thought would have been at your side during the most important day of your life and whose absence that day would be really painful.


That’s why you feel it is important to remember and honor them on your wedding day, to somehow fill that absence, that void, invisible but real.


There are many ways to honor loved ones at a wedding.


First of all, you can remember them during the wedding ceremony.


If you want a Catholic ceremony, you can agree with the priest to add a specific prayer to the Prayers of the Faithful: in this way, you will not only remember your beloved lost ones, but you will also pray for them all together.


If you need some help to write the prayer, you can ask the priest, of course, but you can also ask me: I will be more than happy to help you find the right words to express your love for your dear ones.


If you want to get married with a civil and/or symbolic ceremony, it will surely be possible to think about a moment to honor your relatives with a reading, a poem, a music piece or a particular symbols.


In this case, Claudia of Cerimonia VIP will surely be able to create a ceremony text that includes this moment in the most harmonious way.


In addition, you may remember your loved ones with some beautiful detailsyou can attach little portraits to your bridal bouquet, to show that their are always with you, or you can prepare a wedding memory table, with remembrance candles and the photos of your dear ones displayed in beautiful frames. Another way is to leave some empty chairs with memorial signs on them.

I have created a Pinterest board specifically about this topic, so that you can easily find the right idea to inspire you.


Another moment you can dedicate to this purpose is during the speeches: ask a family member to say some words and to make a toast for your lost ones, or, even better, do that the two of you together: it will be a moment of deep emotions, but also an expression of great love.


And if your beloved one, your granny or your grandad perhaps, was from Abruzzo, there wouldn’t be a greater way to honor them than to celebrate your wedding in their very birthplace.


To go back there where your family has its origins, its roots, in that village where your dear ones grew up and used to live, where all the events of their childhood took place, the setting of all the family stories that they used to tell you when you were little, that corner of Abruzzo that they used to remember with nostalgia.


Right in that place, their presence will be more vivid than ever, and you will really feel that they are always with you, and that the bond of love between them and you has never been stronger.


To plan your charming wedding in Abruzzo, expression of love and family unity, you will need the competent and professional help that I can give you.


You see, planning a wedding is not easy and requires a lot of time and efforts, but planning a wedding in a different country means that you will have to add other problems: those related to the difference of language, culture, habits, time zone; those related to the paperwork that has to be done, and then all those related to the journey, the transfers for you and your guests…. the list can go on forever!


To have someone you can trust, who can handle all these tasks for you, and free you from all the troubles and worries that consume your time, your energies and your peace of mind… is really priceless!


I know I am that someone, so book now your Skype call with me: we’ll get to know each other and talk about your wedding project.

Don’t worry, there are no obligation, and it’s free!








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