How To Irremediably Ruin Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In Abruzzo

outdoor wedding ceremony in abruzzo

How To Irremediably Ruin Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In Abruzzo

Posted by Chiara in Brides, Wedding ceremonies 08 Nov 2017

The day of your dream outdoor wedding ceremony


It has come, at last!


The day of your marvellous wedding ceremony in your beloved Abruzzo!


You’ve planned it, imagined it in every single detail, and now the day has come!


You have chosen the venue, a splendid terraced garden with a view on the Adriatic sea; you have chosen a talented florist who has created for your the most romantic backdrop, and the celebrant has written a ceremony text that is the true expression of your two personalities and of your love story. (Looking for a wedding celebrant? Cerimonia VIP is the answer!) 

The weather is on your side, too, it’s a gorgeous summer day… perhaps a bit hot, but, hey! we are in Italy after all!


It took a bit more than expected to get dressed, but now you are ready, at last!


You look enchanting in that bridal gown that makes you feel like a princess, the bouquet in your left hand and your right arm at your father’s arm.


You feel a bit nervous, but you are also incredibly excited at the idea of what will soon be right in front of you… you can almost see it in your mind: the pink petals along the central aisle, the music of violins, the happy faces of your dearest relatives and friends smiling at you and taking photos (aunt Lucia, of course, she is so fond of her new tablet!), and then… him, at the bottom of the aisle, handsome and elegant, who is looking at you with a gaze full of surprise and love.


Here we are, time to go!


You’re almost there, you just have to turn the corner and what you have always dreamed of will come true….


… but wait! What happened?


The beautiful white chairs, decorated with tulle and flowers, are almost empty!


Only a few, brave guests are sitting at their places (indestructible aunt Lucia among them, nothing could stop her from taking photos of her beloved niece with her new tablet!)


Where are all the others?


Here they are, you can see them now: they have all taken shelter under that group of trees on your left… actually the only place in the shadow of the whole terrace!


But why? You had prepared all those nice sunglasses for your guests, weren’t they enough to protect them from the sun?

Apparently not, and you start realizing just now that the sun is really beating down and that it is very, very, very hot… much hotter than you expected!


And what about your future husband?

Yes, he stands where you expected him to be, but a bit too red in his face and sweaty… not exactly what you imagined him to look like!


The sight of the two of you standing at the far ends of the aisle under the sun reminds  you more of the famous duel scene of High Noon than to a wedding ceremony.


“No, no, no!

It was not meant to be this way! I didn’t want my wedding to be like that, it’s not possible! It’s not fair!”




You open you eyes… What a relief, it was only a nightmare!


We are still in November, your wedding in still far away and everything’s alright!


Yes, it was only a nightmare, but it’s a nightmare that other brides have lived and not only dreamt of!



The problem that ruined so many wedding ceremonies


I happened to see many weddings as a celebrant and not as a wedding planner (and so I could give no advice about the planning), and I have noticed that one of the most common mistakes made by couples is this: to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony in summer, in Italy, in a place with no coverings whatsoever, during the hottest hours of the day, the worst ones! That is from late morning to the first hours of the afternoon.


Perhaps it is difficult to realize it now: we are in the cold months and the idea of a lawned park under the sunshine looks incredibly attractive!

But you have to remember that summer temperatures can be really high in Italy, as these last summers have clearly shown!  


Choosing such a hot part of the day for your outdoor wedding ceremony can result as a terrible agony for your relatives and friends who have to wait for you and then endure a whole wedding ceremony under the relentless sun rays.


This is not only a nuisance, it can affect the health conditions of your loved ones, especially the older ones!

I can assure you that even here in Italy we suffer a lot because of those hot temperatures, and we are supposed to be accustomed to them!

Think of what may happen to those who are not accustomed at all!


I am sure your intention is to make your dear ones spend a day of joy, not a day of fainting fits, heatstrokes and other very unpleasant accidents!


And no, sunglasses are not enough, even fans and hats are not enough, when even the simple act of breathing makes you sweat!


Not to mention the fact that under the sun not only your guests will suffer, but every other aspect of the ceremony: the flowers will look dull and withered, as the floral arrangements always need to make with much advance, but even the strongest flowers cannot resist in such a climate!


The chairs, too, need to be place with due advance, but you know what result you will obtain if they have to stand one hour under the sun?

They will be boiling when the time of the ceremony arrives, and it will be impossible for your guests to sit on them!


And I do hope you are not thinking about wrought iron tables or chairs! They are so elegant and perfect for a garden, I agree, but they would only turn into elegant instruments of torture, for sure!


And let me put in a good word for wedding celebrants: it is really hard to do their job in the best possible way when the sun in their eyes makes it difficult to read the text and they start feeling dizzy because of the heat!


The same could be said about the other wedding professionals involved, such as musicians and photographers: each one of them will surely behave impeccably in every situation, but why make their job more difficult?

Wouldn’t it be better for the good result of YOUR ceremony to put everybody in the best conditions?



The solution to have a perfect outdoor wedding ceremony in Abruzzo


So, if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, I strongly advise you to schedule it late in the afternoon, when the sun is not that high, and the air is a bit fresher.


Whenever possible, choose a place with trees that can offer some shade or agree with the venue manager to have some coverings, both for you and your guests.


You may be wondering now: if the temperatures are often so hot, if some hours of the day are so inappropriate, why do so many ceremonies take place at the wrong hours?


Do you know what the usual answer of venue managers and other vendors is, whenever I ask for explanations?


“The spouses wanted it to be this way”


“The bride said so”


Etcetera, etcetera…


Do you see? Basically, nobody wants to contradict the spouses and especially the bride, so instead of giving them the right advice, they prefer to satisfy every request and agree with every decision, even if that decision will damage the spouses in the very end!


That’s why you need my competent help, as I have the experience to notice these aspects of great importance for the success of your outdoor wedding ceremony, and, above all, I will always be extremely honest and give you the best advice, even if this means to contradict you sometimes, because I have your best interests at heart and I really want your wedding in Abruzzo to be as splendid as you deserve!


If you want to learn more about all those aspects that may affect your wedding in Abruzzo, that’s what you can do:


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