How To Choose The Best Date to Get Married in Abruzzo

choose the best date to get married in abruzzo

How To Choose The Best Date to Get Married in Abruzzo

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 08 Dic 2017

Your personal reasons to choose the best date to get married in Abruzzo


What is the first thing that a couple think about when he pops the question (at last!) and she says yes?

To have their wedding in Abruzzo, of course! ( :DDDDD)

Ok, perhaps it’s not exactly this one, this is the second thing they think of… the first thing is




Yes, the choice of your wedding date is really really important, it will be the day that you will remember forever, not many other dates in your life will be as important to you as this one.


But how to choose the best date for your wedding in Abruzzo?


There are surely many things that influence this choice.


Perhaps there is a particular date that cannot be renounced to, because it is related to a important moment, it has a special meaning for the two of you: the day you met, the day you decided to get together, and so on.


Or perhaps one of you is bonded with a particular day because it was connected with a dear person who is not here anymore (link to post): you might want to honor your beloved granny getting married on the date of her birthday.

[You can find more ways to honour your beloved ones on your wedding day]


There are couples who choose a particular day because it has a special meaning according to their religion or according to the horoscope (yes, there are many online searches about what the stars say about auspicious days, did you know that?)

Do you remember how many couples got married on July 7th 2007? Thousands and thousands of couples all over the world! And only because of the so-called “Lucky Sevens”, that is the repetition of the number 7, that is considered auspicious in many cultures.



And all the other reasons that may influence your choice


But there are also other things that you have to consider when you choose the best date for your wedding, and personal reasons might sometimes be in conflict with other reasons.


If you have chosen a destination wedding in Abruzzo, for example, you might need to consider the season.

As I told you last week, if you want to get married in winter, you may need to choose a location in the coastline area and not in the mountains, where it could be really snowy and the venues could be difficult to reach.


If, on the contrary, you dream of getting married on a gold, sandy beach, you might need to avoid the period from June to August, when the beaches are full of tourists, and better opt for months such as May or September, so to have more privacy and a better availability of venues and hotels.


It is also important to verify if the date you want for your wedding is not in concomitance with some important public events or local celebrations, such as fairs or patron saint’s festivals that are very frequent in towns and villages all around Abruzzo, especially in summer.

In these occasions the traffic is often limited, some roads are closed, public officers have many engagements and churches are busy with the rites and ceremonies connected to that particular festivity.

Not to mention important sport and cultural events. The recent elimination of the Italian football team from 2018 FIFA World Cup was welcomed with relief by some wedding planners and especially by many future brides, who were afraid that their wedding date could coincide with an important match of the Italian team!

Could you imagine a wedding where the majority of guests try with a great deal of effort to follow a football match paying no attention at all to what is happening around them? That would be a nightmare for everybody!!!


I already imagine that now your brain is starting to buzz like a blender, while you grab the first calendar you can find at hand to check weekends, festivities and making the mental note to ask aunt Sofia when it is the patron saint’s festival of Lanciano next time you see her, just to make sure it does not coincide with the day you have in mind for your destination wedding in Abruzzo!


But there is a problem.


If you really want to have a destination wedding in Abruzzo surrounded by all your dearest ones, there is still something you have to take into account.

Or better, there is still someONE you have to take into account.

Your very dear ones!


Why? Because the fact that you are more than ready to reach this wonderful region and have an even more wonderful wedding here, does not mean that they are ready, too.


I am sure that many of them will surprise you and be already on the plane the very moment you tell them about your project!

But others might find it difficult, not because they don’t want to be at your side on that important day, but perhaps because it is impossible for them to go on vacation in the period you have chosen.

Others might be afraid that it will be very expensive.

Others, especially the younger ones, or your friends who doesn’t know and love Abruzzo like you do, might be afraid of “wasting” some precious days of their vacation in a place they don’t like.


What do to, then? How to make everybody happy?

I know, that’s a difficult task and it might require some compromises, but if you really want your dearest relatives and friends to be present at your wedding, you have to comply with their needs and wishes.


Luckily there are many things you can do to help them.


– Check what is the period when the majority of them can have a vacation, so that they will be able to leave work without any problem.


– If the expense could be a problem for your guests, set the date with as much advance as possible so that they will be able to find offers or convenient fares for their flights, and try to find solutions for transfers and accommodation that won’t force them to spend a fortune for your wedding, and so on.


– If they are afraid of not having fun, reassure them of the fact that here in Abruzzo there’s plenty of great places to visit and of entertainments, and plan a fabulous program for your wedding holiday.



But the best thing you can do is to contact me now!


As your wedding planner I will give you advice on how to choose your wedding date in the best possible way, avoiding all the problems due to the season, to the local events and traditions, and finding the right solutions to the needs and wishes not only of your guests, but of the two of you, of course!


Your mind will stop buzzing because I will think about these solutions and I will make this difficult decision much easier and serene for you!


So contact me now!








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