Choosing a destination wedding is not an ordinary experience and it’s normal to have doubts or questions: here I have answered to some of them for you. And if you haven’t found the one you have in mind, ask me directly and I will be more than happy to give you a reply!


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How do you work? How will we keep in touch with you?

We will start with a complimentary Skype call that will be useful for us to start getting to know each other and, for me, to better understand your expectations and needs. At the moment you decide to confirm my service, I will prepare a contract and I will send it to you for the signature. We will keep in touch through emails and Skype calls and I will keep you up to date on every aspect of the service always by written communications. I will never decide anything in your place and without your approval, every choice is yours!

I will be a mediator between you and the vendors, but only for what concerns proposals, decisions, schedules, as an interpreter and to remind you about agreed deadlines: contracts and payments will take place directly between you and them.

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In what area do you work?

I work in the region of Abruzzo, in the very centre of Italy, but as I am part of an excellent and wide network of wedding professionals, you can count on my help for every other region or city in the whole country you might prefer.

When should we start planning?

As soon as you decide, especially if you want a legally binding wedding: getting all the paperwork done can take some time, but once your documents are ready they will be valid only for 6 months (in some cases even less), so a correct and careful time planning is fundamental.

Is it possible to get legally married in Italy? What kind of wedding ceremonies are possible?

Yes, it is possible to be legally married in Italy, as my country is part of many international agreements that regulate the aspects concerning weddings abroad. In particular, in Italy it is possible to have a legally binding wedding with the civil rite, the Catholic rite and other religious rites acknowledged by the Italian State (for example Protestant or Jewish wedding ceremonies). In addition it is possible to celebrate symbolic weddings that have no legal validity but that can represent for you a way to celebrate with your most beloved relatives and friends in one of the amazing Italian settings.

Can I get married in every place I choose in Italy?

For what concerns religious rites, they have their own regulations in matter of places where it is or it is not possible to perform the rite (for example: for the Catholic faith, weddings are sacraments that can only take place in Catholic churches and in presence of a Catholic priest). There are limitations also for the civil rite: it can take place only at the town hall of the chosen city or in other premises acknowledged by a specific decree as extensions of the Town Hall itself; only the mayor or his delegate can act as celebrant (but it is possible to ask for an authorization so that one of the spouses’ relative or friend can celebrate).

Symbolic ceremonies, instead, can take place almost everywhere: in a garden, on the beach, in a villa, and so on.

Can you help us for what concerns legal requirements? How?

I surely can help with all the paperwork necessary to get married in Italy: I will advise you about those procedures that you necessarily have to do by yourself (documents to be provided, timings to be respected and so on) and I will deal personally with the other requirements that have to be done here in Italy. I will be with you on your wedding day to assist you and be your interpreter (in English language).

Will you read over the suppliers' contracts for me?

I will certainly help you in all your relationships with the suppliers, as an interpreter and to help you find the best solutions and make the best choices; I will make sure that all the details you have agreed upon will be mentioned in the contracts, but I am not a lawyer so if you need some specific legal advice it will be my pleasure to address you to my trusted law firm, specialized in contracts for the wedding industry.

What would a wedding in Abruzzo cost?

There never is a fixed sum for weddings: the variables are so many and so different, so depending on personal priorities and choices, that it is too difficult to give a ballpark figure. For sure, Abruzzo is rather a favorable place to get married, because here the average costs for wedding venues, caterers and so on are usually lower than those in other more famous locations, but the quality of services and the beauty of our landscapes and settings are all the same excellent!

For what concerns my fees, they are all clearly indicated here on my website, both for the Complete Wedding Planning and Coordination Service and for the different single services. Also my quotations are always extremely clear and detailed, so you can have the certainty of absolute transparency.

What are the payment terms?

As also indicated on the contract and depending on the kind of service you have booked, you will have to pay one half or one third of the total fee at the signing of the contract, while the balance will be due before the date of the event; in case of instalments they will be agreed upon with you and indicated in the contract. All the payments will happen by bank transfers.

What would happen if you were unable to attend the event?

In case I were unable to attend the event for serious reason, you wouldn’t be left alone, because I would make sure that another professional wedding planner of my knowledge would take charge in my place, with the guarantee of the same level of service at the same price for you. This aspect will surely be provided for in the contract that I will submit you, so that you will be completely protected.

Can you plan for small groups?

Destination weddings often involve small groups of guests, that’s why I have selected (and keep on searching) wedding venues suitable for them, even if in Italy guests are usually much more numerous at a wedding! No matter what the size your group is, I will find the perfect solution for you… and even if it is just the two of you!

Can you help us with the accommodations?

Of course I can. I can help you plan your whole stay in Italy in the occasion of your destination wedding, for you and for your guests. I can also rely on the help of very qualified and expert travel agencies that could be a valid support in planning hotel stay, tours, transfers and so on.

Why should we hire a wedding planner?

The help of a wedding planner is not compulsory, of course, and everybody can plan their own wedding by themselves if they want, but a wedding planner can help you under many ways, especially in case of a wedding abroad: to save time, to find the best venues and vendors at the best prices, to mediate all the cultural and language problems, to help with major issues as legal procedures and paperwork, to spare you the stress of coordinating vendors and solving last minute problems on your wedding day, to have someone who is inside your event and knows it well but who is also, in a certain way, “outside” it because not personally and emotionally involved: the wedding planner can show you a different point of view that could help you considering every aspect more objectively in order to make the best choice for you.