Destination Weddings and the Joy of Gathering Your Dear Ones Together

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Destination Weddings and the Joy of Gathering Your Dear Ones Together

Posted by Chiara in Destination Weddings, Wedding ceremonies 29 Gen 2018

A wonderful meeting of friends


A couple of weeks ago, I spent a wonderful weekend in Rome, to see a group of friends of mine.

This is a group of great women I met online, with whom I have many interests and ideas in common, a group where we all give and receive advice and support.

I must say I am a great fan of these opportunities that the web and the social media give us: it is great to meet people from other parts of the country – of the world, sometimes! – and to be able to keep in touch with them so easily. It is a great source of enrichment, of growth, of friendship.

We really wanted to meet, each of us had the occasions from time to time to meet other members of the group, but we wanted to have a real group meeting. We’d been talking about it for ages, but we could never find the right moment and the right place.

We are all very busy, working women, some of us have children, too, and every time we tried to discuss about it, there were always a lot of problems! The weekend that was ok for a part of us was never suitable for the rest, it was really hard to find a compromise!

In the end, we found a weekend, and no, it was not ideal for all of us, someone could not make it, but at least it was ok for the majority.

And about the place, we decided about Rome because it was the nearest city for most of us and was relatively easily for everybody to reach it, even for those living at the extremities of the Booth (after all, all roads lead to Rome, don’t they?).

All these efforts were really worthwhile!

It was a splendid meeting, full of hugs, smiles, friendship: we all went back home with a very grateful heart for all the beauty we had lived! We will definitely keep memory of those beautiful days forever!



When your beloved ones live far from you


Well, I guess it sounds all very familiar to you!

You, too, perhaps, have friends who lives elsewhere or even family members who are far from you for working or private reasons.

You, too, keep in touch by Skype, or Facebook or any other tool that helps share messages in real time.

As I said, social media are a great way to keep in touch almost on a daily basis , to share news, comments, opinions, to share part of your life with those you love and are far from you.

But sometimes there is the necessity to meet, to spend time together, really together, to have your dear ones around you.

I perfectly know that, I often find myself thinking: if only my friends lived near me, if I could meet them whenever I want! Scientists should definitely decide to invent teleportation, I must say!

All this made me think about destination weddings.

Of course, I always think about them, I am a destination wedding planner, after all!

But I could not help thinking about the similarities of these situations.



Destination weddings are perfect when your dear ones are far from you


In many cases, actually, the choice of a destination wedding is a way to gather all your dearest family members and friends, who live here and there in the world, so to have all of them around you on your wedding day, to have, at least on this important occasion, the joy of having them all together in the same place, with you.

That’s not an easy task, it is a bit like it was for my group.

Choosing the date can be a sort of jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces are the different availabilities of your guests and you have to find the way to make them match: school holidays, working leaves, flights, and how much in advance I need to tell everybody so that they can plan their transfers?

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Choosing the place can be as hard, too. It would be better to find a place that is equidistant (more or less) for all your guests, but it also has to be a place that is easy to reach, at least for the majority of your guests, a place that your guests can find interesting and where they can find entertainments. AND it would be also nice if that could be a place that YOU like, that has some meaning to you and that can you consider the best possible setting for your wedding.



Why Abruzzo is perfect for destination weddings



Abruzzo is an ideal setting for a destination wedding exactly for this reason:

it’s in the centre of Italy and it is easily connected with most of the European countries. And if you or your guests are outside Europe, it not that big problem because Abruzzo is very near and very well connected to Rome and to Fiumicino Airport, one of the most important ones for international flights.

And you won’t have to deny yourself charming venues, amazing landscapes, excellent food and all the great characteristics of the most renowned Italian wedding destinations, because Abruzzo has them all!


I can help you make all this real, I can support you to solve all the problems related to the timing, the setting, the logistics, to overcome all the difficulties and let you live the day of your dream surrounded by all your beloved ones, that for that special occasion will be all at your side, all together, at last!


What you have to do is to contact me HERE.


Lots of love,





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