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Once upon a time…

…there was a little black-haired girl who loved to listen to her granny’s tales.


She used to spend a lot of time at her granny’s, because her mum had to work, but she enjoyed that: her granny’s house was full of objects, such as paintings, books (and the little girl loved to read, too), keepsakes and there was always something interesting to look at or to ask about.


And her granny loved to answer her questions and tell her tales. But these were not fairy tales, but the tales of her family, the story that was behind all the objects she collected. So, for example, the big portrait of the granny’s grand-father, with his big, white mustache and his kindly look, was a chance to tell about his emigration to America, and about the day he came back to his village in a big carriage and dressed like a lord.


The little girl and her granny used also to spend time sitting at the big, round, marble table in the middle of the kitchen, and leafing through the many photo albums the granny had. The child loved to look at the old black and white photos, a bit yellowed because of time and, of course, she did not lose the occasion to ask for more information and more tales!


And in this way she learnt, for example, about that great-aunt who was able to prepare home-made remedies for the whole neighbourhood, and about that uncle who was a talented mechanic, and who used to repair cars during the famous “Coppa Acerbo” race, and many other stories.


Today we take photos to stop every single moment of our life, every detail, but it was not like that before: photos were taken mostly to keep memory of the most important family events, in particular weddings.


And those old albums were full of wedding photos: newlyweds of the 20s posing with a serious expression, group photos of country weddings in the late 30s, the photos of the little girl’s granny and grandad getting married in the 50s, and so on along the decades.


wedding in abruzzo

My granny and gran-dad’s wedding in 1952


The child was fond of those wedding pictures, too. She was fascinated by bridal gowns and the changes of fashion during the years, reflected by the different hairstyles and outfits of spouses and guests.


She happened to attend many weddings herself, together with her family.


Some of them were authentic country weddings, with long tables placed in the farmyard, mismatched chairs, the banquet prepared by the older women of the family (aunts and grannies), who used to put their aprons on right after the wedding ceremony and gathered all together in a big kitchen to prepare traditional dishes.


In the meantime all the children (and the black-haired child among them), all dressed up, spent time running here and there, playing near the sheds and climbing on the uncle’s tractors pretending to drive it. What a fun!


In those weddings there was always the moment of group photos, the moment of the cake cutting and the moment when one of the uncles, who loved to compose poems, used to stand up and suspend the banquet to read out the one he had specially written for the newlyweds. Tears of joy and emotion usually followed.


And in a corner there was always a sideboard or a table covered with a crochet tablecloth and  full of delicious traditional pastries! There were neole, cantucci, and many others and then, placed in beautiful silver bowls, there were the confetti, the typical sugared almonds that never miss in an abruzzese wedding.


All that appeared very rustic and simple then, but looking back at it now, it looks so picturesque and lovely and, above all, authentic, because it reflected the spirit of the families involved.


The little black-haired girl has grown up and she has become, well… me.


My granny has passed away, but her heritage of memories, keepsakes, photographs and tales (that includes even a book – a real book! – of memories) is still here with me, vivid and clear.



I am Chiara Valente, a destination wedding planner, and I love to organize wonderful weddings with the authentic taste of one of the most unspoilt and hidden regions of Italy: my beloved Abruzzo.  


I am specialized in weddings of couples coming from abroad like you, and I work ONLY for them.



I have developed all my working method and focused all my searches of venues and vendors on your needs and requirements, as they are completely different from those of local couples.


I was born here, in Pescara exactly, my family has been living in Abruzzo for five generations and I know my region very well. I know its history, its cities and towns, its various enchanting landscapes, and also what the wedding industry offers: venues, suppliers, hotels, all those professionals that are fundamental to meet your needs and the needs of your guests, to make your wedding the greatest and more authentic experience ever.


If your origins are here in Abruzzo, I know how you feel, thanks to my experience: I know that even if your bond with Italy and with Abruzzo is strong, it’s difficult for you to keep a precise memory of the language, the traditions, of the authentic, typical Italian lifestyle, because the distance is great and the passing of time makes hard to preserve the memories of grannies, aunts and uncles, of those who actually knew Italy first hand.


I perfectly understand your desire of finding your roots, of living your big day in the land where your grandma and grandpa were born, to see the very place your beloved ones left so many years ago.


I know you need a specific help to do so, the help of someone who has a deep knowledge of Abruzzo and who can at the same time interact with you without any problems, even if you don’t speak Italian, because you have your roots here, of course, but you are also expression of the culture of your native country.



I am that person, I want to be the bridge who helps you reach Abruzzo and live here the most important day of your life, surrounded by your beloved ones, past and present.


So write to me now and book a complimentary Skype call to get to know each other better!