Destination Wedding Groups on Facebook: Are They Really Helpful to Brides?

destination wedding group on facebook

Destination Wedding Groups on Facebook: Are They Really Helpful to Brides?

Posted by Chiara in Brides, Destination Weddings, Wedding planning 06 Feb 2019

Pros&Cons of destination wedding groups on Facebook


A popular trend among destination wedding brides in this social network era is to enter destination wedding groups on Facebook.


I find that these groups can be very useful to brides under many aspects: to find out destinations they hadn’t thought about, to ask for advice about some problems that are causing them anxiety, to share their experiences, even their fears sometimes, which are normal for a bride-to-be.

It is also useful because they are able to realize that they are not the only ones who love the idea of a destination wedding (which is a great help if you are surrounded by people telling you it’s not a good idea and why on earth can’t you have a normal wedding at home like everybody else?)


But I have realized that brides often uses these wedding groups on Facebook in a way that is only a waste of time.


This is the case when they look for recommendations of vendors present in the location they have chosen for their wedding, because they haven’t found nothing suitable searching for themselves.


Do you notice where the first waste of time is?


At first they look for vendors by themselves surfing the net, but the result of their researches is not (or not completely) satisfactory so they try to look for recommendations. Being their wedding abroad, they cannot ask their best friend or the cousin who got married last year (and that’s obvious), so they decide to ask in these groups.


They have already spent a lot of time and energies in an unfruitful search. They are so full of enthusiasm for their wonderful project of a memorable wedding abroad, in the destination of their dreams, but all this enthusiasm has already been put to the test by the frustration of a long and useless search.


Why does it happen? Nowadays it is possible to find everything online, you just have to write what you need in the search bar and: ta-da! what you are looking for is right there in front of you, on the screen of your computer or of your tablet.


It works like that, doesn’t it?


I wish it did, but, even if we are in 2019 it is not (always) so.


What makes online searches not so reliable (even if we are in 2019)


First of all, there are still many wedding vendors that are difficult to find online. They might be excellent professionals but they have no website, neither Facebook nor any other social network, nothing.


Do you think I am joking? Not at all!

I have known more than one good wedding professional corresponding to this description. They rely on the word-of-mouth to be known, they are happy with this system and if you want to find them, you have to go there in person and meet them and know how they work. In many cases they don’t even take photos of what they do, so you can’t even ask them to send them to you by email.


So, even if they are – I repeat it – excellent professionals, able to offer the best service possible, they are impossible to find for a destination bride!


Others, instead, have websites, profiles and pages on the most common social networks, but they don’t use them correctly.


And do you know what happens in these cases? That you look for their category online, but as they are connected to keyworks different from those you are using, they don’t appear in your results.

Or perhaps they have old websites where you can’t find good photos, or the necessary information you need, so you think that in the end they are not the right vendors for you.


You can’t even imagine how many wedding venues look bad on their own websites! Then you visit them and realize they are much better than they seemed!

Believe me, I was surprised many times!


But could you visit ALL the venues you saw online just to make sure they are as they look like in their websites?

We both know that the answer is NO.


No wonder, then, that brides have so many difficulties in finding proper vendors online! Even if we are in 2019!


So, let’s go back to our poor bride who hopes to find the solution to her problems in wedding groups on Facebook


Tired of losing time searching on Google, she is almost sure that a dedicated group on Facebook will be the right choice: she will surely find dozens of brides who have already experienced what she is going through now and dozens of wedding professionals, all  ready to tell her the names of the best vendors who are present exactly in the area of her wedding, who are the perfect match to her wedding project, and who are – of course – also the less expensive!


Doesn’t it sound a bit too optimistic?


Why you won’t get the results you expect in these groups


First of all, there is no guarantee of a reply. Sometimes there are posts which receive no reply at all!


But it’s not so strange, after all: these destination wedding groups on Facebook include people from all over the world, you cannot have the certainty that there is someone from the same place or who knows the vendors in the area you’ve chosen.


Sometimes some replies arrive, but they may take days and days. The problem is, even when they arrive at last, they are not always that useful!


Usually those who reply are wedding planners who give some generic advice and invite the bride to contact them in private. But it’s normal, being a wedding planner myself I don’t find anything reproachable in this.


I know that many brides think more or less like this: “she is a wedding planner, she knows dozens of vendors, why can’t she give some recommendations freely? I am not asking too much of her, after all!”


Yes, as wedding planners we have a great knowledge of wedding professionals, we have archives full of names for every kind of service you might need. But that’s our job and we have spent a lot of time and efforts (and petrol, by the way) to get to know them all.


And recommending vendors for a wedding is part of our job, it’s a precise service we give, and it is not nice to demand it for free.


Then, if a wedding planner is particularly friendly or wants to support some colleague, it may happen that they answer freely to this sort of questions in FB groups, but this shouldn’t be considered the norm.


Not every vendor is suitable for your wedding, even if they are talented, reliable and recommended (by total strangers, BTW)


But let’s imagine the best case scenario: someone replies and gives you the name of the vendors you asked for.


Are you content like that?


Do you immediately trust them?


Who gives you the certainty that these professionals are perfect for your wedding, for the kind of wedding project you have in mind?


For example, are you so sure that this photographer, that a perfect stranger has recommended in a wedding Facebook group, has the same style of photography you love? Perhaps you like the reportage style, while this photographer will keep you away from your guests for two hours to take the perfect photo with the perfect light and the perfect pose! An excellent professional, for sure, who will portray you beautifully, but not what you were really looking for!


And then, are you sure that these vendors will be able to interact with you? Do they know your language? Do they have experience of destination weddings? Local vendors are surely accustomed to local couples, but how about foreign couples like you?


To summarize everything, looking for vendors online can be a waste of time because:

  • Some of them are – unbelievable in modern times, but it’s true – not present online
  • Many of them have bad websites or social profiles that lack information, good photos, etc. making impossible for you to understand if they are actually right for you.


Looking for recommendations in destination wedding groups on Facebook  is an enormous waste of time, too, because:

  1. You can’t be sure you get a reply, in the first place
  2. If you are lucky and get a reply, you are very likely to receive: a) vague, generic advice b) recommendations you can’t be so sure about.


What is the solution that assures you no waste of time and real competent and trustworthy advice?


The help of a professional destination wedding planner like me!


I am specialized not only in destination weddings but in destination weddings here in my beloved Abruzzo.


I am not a generic wedding planner who usually works for local couples and, if she gets the change, works also for couples from abroad.


All the work I do is specifically done having in mind the necessities, the expectations and the requirements that you, as a destination wedding couple, have!


And, as I know the differences between how weddings are in your country and how weddings are here in Italy, I can already show you some of these differences in my Little Guide to Weddings in Abruzzo, that my brides always find so useful!


A precious guide that will help you prevent all those mistakes and misunderstandings that are common when spouses and vendors belong to different countries and have therefore different wedding customs and traditions.


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And you will also find out the great offer I have prepared especially for you.

So, don’t waste any more time and grab your copy now HERE!


xx Chiara



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