A Winter Lover? Choose a Winter Wedding in Abruzzo!

a winter wedding in Abruzzo

A Winter Lover? Choose a Winter Wedding in Abruzzo!

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings, Wedding venues 30 Nov 2017

Are you a winter lover?


Last time I wrote about the risks of a wedding ceremony in summer, when the weather is so hot.

Today, instead, I want to bring you back to the present season: we are in late autumn, but temperatures make us feel it’s winter already!


Besides, Christmas is less than a month away and the typical atmosphere of the Christmas festivities is already spreading around: in many shops and houses I have already seen many lights, decorations and – obviously – the typical Christmas products, such as the Italian panettone.


But I must say that the other day I had the occasion to think about winter in a different way: exchanging emails with a bride of mine, from Canada, we were commenting on the weather. She wrote that yes, it was colder and there had been a bit of snow, but winter had not actually arrived.

What? If it snowed here where I live, even if it snowed just a little bit, I would consider it full winter, and how!


I was surprised and also a bit amused by this difference of opinion about the same fact: winter is a very relative concept, that depends not only on the date on the calendar but on the latitudes and the environment.

What I consider a cold winter, could be a rather mild one for others, instead! (also because I am sensitive to the cold and my hands are frozen from October till March, I have to admit it!)


There are many people who love this season very much. I personally prefer the climate in those months such as April and May, and then September and October, those periods when you don’t need neither the heating nor the fan, when the weather is warm without being muggy, and so on.


But I can understand those who love the cold season, because I, too, can see the beauty in those typical winter atmospheres, soft and cozy, created by that perfect combination of a fireplace fire, a sofa, a warm blanket, and a good book, accompanied by a steaming cup of chocolate or tea: what a bliss!


Perhaps you love winter and prefer it rather than summer.

And perhaps you also imagine these winter atmospheres, this warmth and coziness, these soft lights and colours, as perfect for your destination wedding.

On the contrary, you could never feel at your ease getting married in summer: you fear the muggy weather, you hate sweat, an alfresco reception makes you think about the nuisance of mosquitoes and other insects rather than about the beauty of a garden. And you’re pretty sure that you would look terribly in your bridal gown, because of those horrible red blotches that always come out whenever you get some sun!


No worries: “destination wedding” is not a synonym of “summer wedding”!

If you love the idea of getting married in Abruzzo, but you feel that winter is your ideal season, well, that’s great!



A winter wedding in Abruzzo


First of all, it is important to understand the particular characteristics of the Abruzzo region: it is mainly mountainous, with a hill area that is parallel to the coastline.

The climate is therefore very different according to the place you are: in the mountains it’s rather fresh in summer and cold and snowy in winter, while along the coast summers are hotter and winters are milder.


I live in Pescara, that is the biggest town along the coast, so you can better understand now my comments above about my (false) perceptions of how real winter is!!! 😀


Considering these differences, it is important to understand where you want to get married before choosing the date.


If you prefer the mountains, the period between December and February is not ideal for a winter wedding in Abruzzo, because you might find a lot of snow.

After all, that is an area full of ski runs! Of course it is usually possible to reach every town and village, because the streets are kept free from the snow, but a sudden heavy snowfall might compromise your wedding.


I think that these areas are much better in autumn, October for instance, because the climate is a bit cold already, but the weather is never so bad to create real problems.

And the landscapes are absolutely stunning! The colours of autumn in the mountains, the pleasantly crisp air create a magic atmosphere!


If you want a typical winter month (December to February I mean), the coastline is preferable.

There are splendid venues in this part of the region, too, of different kinds (farmhouses, villas, castles,hotels and restaurants), but they are much easier to reach in case of bad weather, and, even if it snows, it melts in a short time and the roads are always accessible.


But when the weather is fine, we have the most marvellous days of the year! I love that clear air, that beautiful light, that special warmth that only a sunny winter day can offer!


Obviously, it is necessary to be prepared to any weather condition, but after all that is something you have to consider even in summer!


And, as your wedding planner, I will give you the right advice about the choice of the reception venue for your winter wedding in Abruzzo, so to prevent and minimize these problems right from the start!


Tell me about your wedding project, I will be happy to help you make it real!






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