8 types of wedding venues in Abruzzo

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8 types of wedding venues in Abruzzo

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The choice of the venue is fundamental to the organization of a wedding, it is one of the key elements that compose the event and it mainly depends on these factors: the budget, the number and typology of guests, the idea of style and atmosphere the bride and groom want for their big day.

Here in Abruzzo the range of options is really wide and can satisfy every necessity and desire. To give you a better idea I have prepared a list of 8 types of venues, even if it is far from being exhaustive.

1) FARM HOUSES: agritourism is very common in Italy and Abruzzo is no less so: you will find a great number of country houses where the traditional agricultural activities are combined with farmstays. In these lovely venues, which have preserved all their rustic charm, you will enjoy comfortable accommodation for you and your guests, a delicious wedding banquet enriched by the genuine recipes of our traditional cooking, the warmth of our country people and the wonderful sensations of being in touch with nature!


Table setting

Table setting at Agriturismo Campoletizia


 2) CASTLES: thanks to its long, rich history, Abruzzo has preserved a precious heritage made of ancient castles, towers, churches, monasteries and abbeys; many castles have been restored and some of them have been turned into wedding and event venues. They are usually placed on the top of a hill, from where they overlook their picturesque villages, characterised by narrow alleys, small houses and typical artisan workshops. A wedding reception in a castle is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience! In the beautiful, elegant halls full of history, you will feel like a real king and queen!


Castello Chiola

The front façade of Castello Chiola



3) MONASTERIES and CONVENTS: as said, there are also restored and deconsacrated monasteries and convents which are now amazing venues for events! They are usually situated in the mountains, in solitary places immersed in nature and silence, with breath-taking views on the valleys below! But nevertheless these venues, like castles too, always offer high quality hotel and catering services, not to mention the undeniable charm typical of those places that have passed through centuries.


Wedding reception

Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito – a wedding reception



4) VILLAS: they were once the houses of rich and noble families and now, back to their original splendour, they are magnificent wedding venues! The mansion-house has often many elegant rooms or different sizes, suitable for small-medium receptions, while the upper rooms are for hotel accommodation. The palace is always surrounded by beautiful gardens that are a perfect setting for a romantic symbolic ceremony or for a lovely al fresco dinner. Sometimes there is no real big banquet hall, and for this reason many venues have been provided with an external one, which can host a great number of guests, who will enjoy the sight of the gardens from the big glass walls.


Villa Rossi

View of Villa Rossi Romantic Relais



5) HOTEL RESTAURANTS: they can be either modern or ancient, restored venues, but they are surely bigger than palaces and villas, have larger banquet halls and many hotel rooms. They usually have also beautiful gardens, swimming pools and other facilities that you and your guests will appreciate, especially if you combine  the wedding with a pleasant holiday!

Wedding reception

Wedding reception along the pool at Hotel Villa Michelangelo



6) SEASIDE RESORTS: in Abruzzo we don’t have only mountains, but also a beautiful sea! If you plan to get married in summer, there is no better place than a resort on the coast, where you can celebrate your union with a symbolic ceremony on the beach, followed by a gorgeous sea food banquet!


Wedding venue

Sea view from the wedding hall of Vistamare



7) WINERIES: wine is one of Abruzzo’s greatest products and there are many important wineries, some of them are family-run businesses with a very long history and tradition… and marvellous venues available also for events! You’ll find out how romantic it can be to get married among the vineyards and dining in beautiful halls surrounded by big, ancient barrels: the atmosphere will be amazing, not to mention the excellent wine and food you’ll be tasting!


Wine barrels

Huge wine barrels in the Castello di Semivicoli



8) THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE: yes, you read well, a whole village! This is a bit of an exception in this list of mine, as it is not a typology of wedding venue but a specific place: the amazing Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in the province of L’Aquila, that was almost totally abandoned when an entrepreneur noticed its potential and invested into a huge activity of restoration, recovering the traditional pieces of furniture, material, recipes, all the typical features belonging to the history of this place, and creating the so called “albergo diffuso”, a system of hotel accommodation whose rooms are not all in the same building but are situated in many houses of the village. So every element of the village, the houses, the narrow alleys and steps, the arches, the taverns, the amazing view on the valleys below, will all be part of your wonderful wedding day.



Newlyweds in Santo Stefano di Sessanio


As I said at the beginning, this list is far from being exhaustive, it could go on forever and I will surely talk about some other interesting places sooner or later, but i

n the meantime have you found among these 8 types the kind of venue you would love for your own wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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Cover photo: Villa Estea





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