5 Stunning Venues For Your Civil Wedding in Abruzzo

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5 Stunning Venues For Your Civil Wedding in Abruzzo

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Destination Weddings 22 Feb 2016

Are you looking for a great venue for your civil wedding in Abruzzo?

Talking about the civil wedding in Abruzzo (and in Italy more in general) in my last post, I explained why it is not possible to have it anywhere and why it is not so easy to find a great venue where it can be celebrated.

But I also explained that, even if it might be a bit difficult, it is not impossible, and to demonstrate you that it can be done, today I want to show you 5 of the many stunning places in Abruzzo where the civil wedding is available.

They are very different one from the other, set in various kinds of environments and landscapes, from the sea to the mountain! I am sure you’ll find them all wonderful!


5 wonderful places where you can have your civil wedding in Abruzzo

1. The castle of Roccascalegna

I am totally in love with this place and I will tell you better about it sooner or later, because it definitely deserves a post of its own!

For now it is enough to say that this amazing castle, that seems to have come out right from a fairy tale, is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony if you are quite an adventurous, history- and mystery-loving couple, not afraid of climbing the steep stony stairs to reach the small deconsacrated chapel of the castle, where the civil wedding can be celebrated. I assure you that it would be worthwile!


civil rite at roccascalegna

The castle of Roccascalegna



2. The beach of Pescara

I had told you about it last year, as soon as the news had spread: the city council of Pescara had just ruled that it would be possible to celebrate the civil wedding on the beach. And in last June there was the first ceremony, for the wedding of a Brazilian couple, then other ceremonies have followed. Who will get married here next summer?



The first civil wedding on the beach of Pescara



 3. Museo Michetti (Mu.Mi.) in Francavilla al Mare

This former convent, situated on the hill part of Francavilla (with an amazing view of the sea below), is now a museum dedicated to the great painter Francesco Paolo Michetti, who used to live in this town.

Seat of many cultural events, it is also available to celebrate civil weddings in one of its halls or in the elegant cloister.


civil wedding in abruzzo - mumi

The inner cloister of Mu.Mi. in Francavilla al Mare



 4. Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito

This place, that was once an ancient monastery, is now one of the most fascinating wedding venues in Abruzzo, immersed in the nature and in the silence of the mountains, with an amazing view on the valleys below.

Inside its old chapel, now deconsacrated, it is possible to have the civil rite for a wedding ceremony full of atmosphere.



The deconsacrated chapel of Monastero di Santo Spirito



5. The Theatre of Città Sant’Angelo

This little but pretty theatre has been chosen as venue for civil weddings only at the end of 2015, therefore it is a real “new entry” among wedding venues! And the bonus is that it is situated at the centre of an enchanting town, that has been included among the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”: a real gem full of history, art and culture.


civil wedding in abruzzo - città sant'angelo

The front and the inside of the theatre and a splendid view of Città Sant’Angelo


What is your favourite venue among these five? Write it in the comments!


If you want to find the right venue for your civil wedding in Abruzzo or if you need some support to plan your wedding ceremony, contact me now! I’ll be very happy to help you!


Bye for now!



Cover photo: L’Arabesque Events


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