5 Original Entertainments for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding entertainment

5 Original Entertainments for Your Wedding Reception

Posted by Chiara in Abruzzo, Wedding pros, Weddings 12 Ott 2015

When we think about the types of entertainments for a wedding reception, we usually think about music, of course. Music is a very important element, because it creates the right atmosphere during the banquet (if it’s not too loud and it does not disturb the guests’ conversation) and it is absolutely necessary to get the party started afterwards and make people dance and have fun!


But in case you want to surprise your guests with real live shows, I have listed for you 5 particular proposals that might enrich your wedding reception:


1) Falconers 

The falconers’ show: these are very expert people who have recovered the ancient art of falconry. Their shows in Medieval costumes, with the performance of hawks, eagles,

buzzards and other birds of prey are fascinating and are sometimes enriched by other performances such as the reenactments of battles or of scenes of everyday life of the Middle Age. This is the perfect entertainment if you have chosen an historical wedding venue, such a castle or an abbey (see the description of wedding venues in Abruzzo).




“Falconieri del Rosone” ready for a performance



2) Sand Artist performance 

This is a very particular form of visual art, that consists in manipulating sand on a luminous surface: the pictures produced by this activity are projected on a screen or on a wall. Watching these images that blend one into the other, with an evocative music in the background, is enchanting! It is possible to ask for a specific theme that will be developed during the performance: your love story perhaps? How romantic!



Sand artist

Sand artist Erica Abelardo



3) Belly dance

A completely different kind of show and atmosphere! Assisting to the performance of belly dancers will bring you and your guests into an atmosphere of oriental mystery and charm.



Belly dancce show

The belly dance show of Suhaila Academy



4) Buskers/street performers

I bet that no one can resist the curiosity of watching the incredible performances of stilters, fire-eaters, fakirs, jugglers: in front of them we all like happy children!



Stiletrs performance

Stilters’ performance at a wedding reception



5) Magician

Another form of fascinating entertainment: illusionism. Elegance, class, charm but also a great deal of curiosity and excitement in front of their ability and the clever tricks, that always make us wonder “how do they do that????”



Show of a magician

Performance of “Teatro Magico” during a wedding



So, I hope you liked these proposals! What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post!


Would you like to enrich your wedding reception with some other kind of live entertainments, but you don’t know what? Don’t worry, contact me here: my Vendor Search Service is always available!







Cover photo by Elissa Davidson Photography

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