5 Fabulous Churches for Your Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Abruzzo

catholic wedding ceremony in san clemente a casauria abruzzo

5 Fabulous Churches for Your Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Abruzzo

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What church would you choose for your Catholic wedding ceremony?

Couples who want to get married with a Catholic wedding ceremony usually divide themselves into two groups: there are those who want to get married in their own parish church, because they have a particular bond with their parish community and want to celebrate the wedding with them.

Then there are those who choose to have it in another church, usually one with a particular artistic or spiritual value that they find important to them.

If you are thinking about a Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy, you are spoilt for choice! You can find ancient and artistic churches almost everywhere, of every dimension and architectural style, from the little Romanesque chapel to the majestic Baroque cathedral.

Abruzzo is no exception: thanks to its long history, it is possible to find here many wonderful churches of different time periods and the choice is really wide!


5 enchanting Romanesque churches in the province of Pescara


To help you find the best one for your Catholic wedding ceremony in Abruzzo, today I will show you 5 Romanesque churches situated in the province of Pescara. There are many others in the whole region, but I’ll show them another time (they are too many!!!).

And why the Romanesque style? First of all, because it is my favourite! In its simplicity and sobriety it creates  such a special atmosphere, it gives me a sense of great peace!

Then because this region had a great development during the Middle Age and a strong presence of Benedictine monks who promoted the construction of churches, abbeys, monasteries and so on, enriched by works of art such as paintings and sculptures. And many of these buildings and works of art have survived during the centuries and have remained quite untouched in their beauty and charm.

So here they are!


Santa Maria Arabona

This abbey is placed on a hill near the town of Manoppello and dominates the valley of the river Pescara. It was built on the ruins of a Roman pagan temple dedicated to the cult of the bona dea (hence the name). It is still possible to see some stones and structures belonging to the Roman temple. Around the church there is also a beautiful garden that spouses love very much!


Catholic wedding ceremony in Santa Maria Arabona

A wedding in Santa Maria Arabona – by Giancarlo Malandra


 Santa Maria del Lago

This church just outside the town of Moscufo was a Benedictine abbey. Outside it is very simple and sober, but inside it is enriched by many paintings of the 12th century and by the amazing sculpted, polychrome pulpit made in the year 1159 (it was signed and dated by its author!)


Catholic wedding ceremony in Moscufo Pescara

The interior of Santa Maria del Lago in Moscufo (PE)


 Santa Maria in Piano

Situated near the town of Loreto Aprutino, this church is really ancient, the first news about it dated back to the year 864! It was enlarged and modified during the centuries, for example the bell tower was built in the 15th century.

Its most important characteristic are the beautiful Medieval frescoes, in particular an original representation of the Judgement Day.


Catholic wedding ceremony in Santa Maria in Piano in Loreto Aprutino

A detail of the amazing frescos in Santa Maria in Piano


San Liberatore a Majella

This is one of the most ancient monasteries in the whole region. It is situated near the town of Serramonacesca, in the territory of the Majella National Park and it is surrounded by an enchanting natural landscape.

The church is enriched by many frescoes and by an original and beautiful polychrome geometric composition that decorates the centre of the floor.


catholic wedding ceremony in san liberatore a majella

Spouses in San Liberatore a Majella – by Giancarlo Malandra


 San Clemente a Casauria

The story of this abbey, situated near Castiglione a Casauria, was really adventurous!

It is said it was founded by the Emperor Louis II the Young for a vow, but it had also a very strategic importance for its position. It had periods of attacks, sackings and destructions, but also periods of great splendour, shown by the work of many architects, sculptors and other artists, who were called from every part of Italy and of Europe to decorate and enrich this wonderful church.


catholic wedding ceremony in san clemente a casauria

The beautiful façade of San Clemente a Casauria


So, aren’t they marvellous? Can you imagine yourselves getting married surrounded by all this beauty? I’m sure you can! And I am at your disposal to help you select the perfect church for your Catholic wedding ceremony and to help you manage all the legal requirements necessary for a ceremony with both civil and religious validity!

Contact me for more information!

By for now!



Cover photo: San Clemente a Casauria, by Wikimedia



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